Why the Adult Industry Deserves a Pat on the Back

As 2018 nears its dead end and industries applaud their players on the excellent job done throughout the year, we’d also love to commemorate the Adult Industry. The sector deserves credit for being exciting, vibrant and forward-looking, and for transforming the lives of many companies and customers who are part of the industry.

The family Industry

Let’s face it, there are only a few industries where business counterparts work together, yet it is an everyday thing in the adult industry. It is a sweet coincidence that the space attracts the most open-minded and innovative people.

You will realize the adult industry treats both its clients and customers as family. Perhaps that also contributes to its admired togetherness. Most industry players started working together long ago and have long-time relationships that go beyond any barriers including office walls.

Personalization and Retention

What’s more, the space offers personalized services to clients, a strategy that has helped firms retain their customers. Client discretion is another reason clients form strong bonds with their adult companies. This is also the only industry that comes with new affordable opportunities all the time. Both merchants and customers have a new door to walk through each day.

Weathering the Storms

The rush to stay on top of the ever-changing adult merchant processing laws and regulations offers a great learning and growth opportunity. Visa and MasterCard have complex rules that have challenged the industry to develop a service that ensures client safety.

Adult firms have formed several banking relationships all over the U.S. and in Europe. And for an industry that’s regarded highly high-risk, the sector now has banks that are willing to work with them, making sure that the space always has a solution for its clients.

Innovation that went mainstream

Adult companies have driven innovations that have assisted the “mainstream” world by keeping things electrifying while making sure they are on toes for the next challenge. New tech firms have partnered to emerging with services that can bump up security and products quality in the adult space.

The bottom line

Saying the adult industry is creative is an understatement, but it is inspiring how such a marginalized sector is developing and coming up with ideas that could go mainstream to assist other areas. Hopefully, 2019 will also provide an excellent chance for the space to go a notch higher.Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchantBroker. He’s just as passionate assisting adult merchant processing companies as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.

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